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Tarzan Stock & Shares Ltd. and the Year 2000 :

Undoubtedly, by now, you have heard about the issue commonly known as the “year 2000” or Y2K - problem and the possibility of computer malfunctions as we move into the new millennium. Tarzan Stock & Shares Ltd. is taking the Y2K challenge very seriously and our goal is to continue to provide the level of service and support you've come to expect from us into the Year 2000 and beyond.

What is the Y2K Problem?

The Y2K problem refers to the possibility that computers might not perform properly near or after January 1st 2000 because of the inability to recognize the year 2000 in date-sensitive applications. When computers were first designed both memory and storage space were limited. Programs were written with only two spaces for the year, leaving out the designated “19”. For example, “1999” is stored as “99”. The concern is that some systems may interpret “00” as 1900 instead of 2000, possibly resulting in computer malfunctions, and erroneous processing. The Year 2000 problem is a worldwide challenge that effects virtually every industry.


What is Tarzan Stock & Shares Ltd. doing ?

Tarzan Stock & Shares Ltd. began addressing the Y2K issue in 1997 and has undertaken a detailed plan for resolution. This plan involves fixing many of our computer systems and software, and decommissioning and replacing orders. Our Y2K teams are also working with the critical businesses that provide services to us and with whom we work to ascertain their Y2K readiness. these key external parties include merchants, third party processors, vendors, utilities, telecommunications systems, suppliers, and regulatory agencies. In addition, we are developing contingency plan to help ensure that we can continue to service our customers in the event a Y2K problem occurs.


Will the Y2K problem affect use of the service from U.B. Securities Ltd.

We are working both internally and with key third parties of companies and organizations in the industry to minimize the effect of Y2K on all investors. Due to the complexity of the Y2K problem, including the many linkages with third party systems and networks, it is possible that investor could be affected. As always, we are committed to working with any investor who experience any problems.


Where can I get more information about the Y2K problem?

We encourage you to learn as much as possible about the Y2K issue. For more information concerning Y2K readiness efforts, please refer to the website of HKSAR at http//www.year2000.gov.hk.


Y2K Readiness Disclosure Statement :

This notice is designed to provide you with information on the Y2K issue for your private use. It does not constitute legal, accounting or other professional advice. Neither Tarzan Stock & Shares Ltd. or any other third party assumes any liability to you of any kind from providing this information whether or not you rely on it and even if you inform us of your reliance on it.